Classic "Star" Custom Phiten Necklace

Want a necklace as unique as you are?  Customize the Phiten Classic "Star" necklace by picking different clasp and rubber grommet colors.  Lots and lots of possible combinations!!

If you just want the "Standard" clasp/grommet colors, see the product called "Phiten Classic 'Star' Necklace" costing $18.00.  The clasp/grommets will match the main color of the necklace and are available in 16", 18", 20", 22" and (some) 24" and 26" lengths.  If you want to customize the colors of the Clasp and/or Grommets, then order from this page.


Ordering Instructions:

1 - Select Size: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" or 26" (Hot Pink is not available in 24" or 26" lengths)

2 - Select Necklace Color

3 - Select Clasp Color.  The Clasp colors are pictured in the image labeled "Available Colors".

4 - Select Decorative Rubber Grommet Color.  The Grommet colors are pictured in the image labeled "Available Colors".

This custom item is made specially for you - it is not returnable except for defect 

** Phiten products do not work for everybody - individual results vary.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may pay using the PayPal option but if you want to pay any other way, you must call (877) 852-7767 and place your order by phone.  Sorry for the inconvenience.




Regularly: $25.00
Now Only: $22.00
Product Images: click to enlarge.
Examples Optic Green with Carolina Blue Examples Bright Orange with Royal Blue AVAILABLE COLORS Sizing